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Pilot Deployment, Message Refinement, Final Deployment

To help ensure the overall success of your Cyber
Security Awareness Program, you should begin by
testing it on a select group of students in a pilot
program. This approach allows you to target specific
groups with content designed for their level of
computer proficiency. Additionally, you might
decide to tailor messages for different student
audiences based upon their job function, role or

The schedule can be based on your student’s needs
as identified through a risk assessment analysis or it
can be based on best practices and standards.
Establish a schedule with the most advantageous
frequency which will allow you to educate or interact
with your students and smooth the path for
subsequent communications which will build upon
previous lessons. Engage the student with more
“touch-points” and make security awareness a
continuum with a memorable message.

Content Ideas:                                          Other strategy considerations:

  • Quick-clip Videos make awareness visual and         • Rotate key messages as monthly
    mobile-friendly.                                       themes throughout the year.

  • Newsletters branded for your own security           • Choose a new theme for the
    awareness program.                                     quarter and build out smaller
                                                           messages based on the theme.
  • Posters & Infographics to display in an office
    environment.                                        • Send information security alerts and
                                                           advisories are used to warn your
  • On-Hold Messaging to reinforce the message to          staff of actual and potential threats
    employees, customer and vendors.                       to help them keep security
                                                           awareness top of mind. They can be
  • Intranet, SharePoint & Internet content can have       delivered through e-mail and other
    themed login messages.                                 traditional channels and should be
                                                           incorporated into your
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) can be               organization’s centralized
    used to track courses.                                 messaging service when available.

  • Workshops & Webinars can be conducted and           • Incorporate your company policies
    recorded to be shared later.                           and procedures as part of your
                                                           cyber security awareness message.
  • Interactive Games & Contests can be used to
    make it entertaining.

  • Tools can be provided for download to protect
    individuals at home, such as malware protection.

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