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As a result of the human factors and    InfoSight Inc. recommends the following process
the continually evolving threat         methodology to assist you in building and maintaining
landscape, our approach to security     your Cyber Security Awareness Program™.
awareness is holistic and continuous
with multiple touch points and levels   To help you manage your Program, we’ve divided the it
of engagement.                          into manageable phases. These phases allow the program
                                        team to provide better management and control in order
Effective cyber security awareness      to provide efficient and productive efforts throughout the
initiatives should not be merely        life of the project. Collectively, these phases provide a
training sessions: they should consist  dynamic and interactive model for the development of
of concerted efforts from the top       security awareness in the work force.
down focused on changing
behaviors and encouraging a
security-minded culture.

Cyber Security Awareness Program™, InfoSight Inc.  4
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