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The design phase consists of developing or
                                       purchasing program content, and deciding on the
                                       methods you will use to deliver it.

                                       Content may include articles for your website and/or
                                       intranet, newsletters, lunch and learns/workshops and
                                       webinars, online learning courses, videos, posters, email
                                       campaigns, interactive games and on-hold messaging

                                       Your options include developing your own cyber security
                                       awareness materials or purchasing InfoSight’s complete
                                       education program. Also decide on the types of
                                       assessment tools you will use to identify and mitigate
                                       deficiencies in your student’s knowledge and behavior.

Information security is an             An effective Cyber Security Awareness Program will
important part of doing business       depend on how well the message is communicated to
today. The message of                  the audience. Map out a strategy to keep the message in
individual responsibility is critical  front of your students on a regular basis. Identify where to
and must be presented on a             begin, present the message, reinforce the message, and
regular basis.                         then build up to the next objective. When mapping out
                                       your program, you might want to consider incorporating
                                       special dates into the calendar of events.

                                       For example:

                                       •September 8: Computer Virus Awareness Day
                                       •October: Data Privacy Month
                                       •November 30: International Computer Security Day

Define how you will measure the        The Cyber Security Awareness Program is a continuous
effectiveness of the program.          process and there will be many opportunities to present
InfoSight’s method of                  the security message. Look for ways to embed awareness
measurement far exceeds                education into the goals and objectives of each
traditional standards. Learn           department. Include your message at company events,
more in phase four.                    such as manager’s meetings, and utilize email, newsletters
                                       and posters to extend your reach. By introducing security
                                       awareness materials in a variety of ways, the student is
                                       exposed to the topic more than once and will retain the
                                       information better.

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