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Web application testing reveals vulnerabilities that expose organizations to cyber risks that traditional firewalls and IDS networks aren't designed to protect against.

InfoSight's Web Application Testing provides the most complete and effective suite for web security assessments checks to enhance the overall security of your Web Applications against a wide range of vulnerabilities and sophisticated attack vectors.

InfoSight's suite of services allows for assessment of Web Applications during different phases of the application development life cycle.

The Challenge

Web Applications are very common today, however so are their vulnerabilities. There are many reasons these applications are so insecure. First, many have inadequate Authentication and Authorization which can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive data or functionality. They often have Insecure Dependencies that rely on third-party plugins and open-source code. Additionally, sometimes they lack Encryption so data can be intercepted and stolen. They can also have File Upload Vulnerabilities, allowing users to upload files without proper validation and controls which can lead to malware injection. And of course, there's always the Zero Day, so assessing security routinely is wise.

Our Methodology

We take all these insecurities into consideration and help you to better:

  1. Design & Develop - plays an important role in building strong applications. We'll assess your run time environment and check for security flaws introduced during coding.

  2. Test & Implement - one of the most important functions in the SDLC. It allows us to verify if security controls and requirements are fulfilled correctly before implementing and promoting applications to production-level. We employ a broad security assessment of your application before hitting production.

  3. Maintain & Check - continuous and periodic security assessments are required in several different industry regulations and is also a key function in your SDLC. Making sure that changes to your web application will not break its security maturity level is important to manage vulnerabilities and security risks.

The Outcome

To mitigate these security risks, we assist web developers and organizations to follow security best practices, conduct regular security assessments and audits, stay updated on emerging threats, and implement security measures that make your application more secure. Web Application Security is an ongoing process that requires vigilance and continuous improvement.

Unique Service Features include:

  • US-based Expert Ethical Hacking Team.

  • Videos to demonstrate successful exploits of your environment!

  • Executive Summary Reporting designed for C-Suite and 3rd party.

  • Access to Mitigator Vulnerability Threat Manager Platform where you can:

    • Spot threat trends, analyze vulnerabilities, prioritize remediation from a central dashboard.

    • Create Remediation tickets in ServiceNOW™, Jira®, and Connectwise™.

    • Request "on-demand" Pen Testing of specific vulnerabilities (add-on feature).

    • Analyze vulnerabilities by asset and criticality.

    • Search & Drill-down by specific time periods, vulnerability, and other parameters.

    • Adjust risk scores based upon context and compensating controls for accurate risk ratings.

    • Request Remediation Assistance (add-on feature).

    • Export vulnerability data by date, source, criticality, etc.

  • Use Mitigator to perform scans and create your own Vulnerability Management Program!

Key Security Tests

SQL / Code Injection

File & Directory Analysis

Web Server Vulnerabilities

3rd Party Package Vulnerabilities

Server-Side Template Injection

Cross-Site Scripting

OWASP Top 10

Parameter Tampering

Why InfoSight?

24x7x365 US-based SOC/NOC

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