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Our solutions flow for Water & Wastewater!

The Water & Wastewater industry faces several significant risks today, from Cybersecurity Threats, Aging Infrastructure, Regulatory Compliance and Financial Challenges which are just a few. Addressing these risks requires a comprehensive approach that includes investment in infrastructure, robust cybersecurity measures, and adherence to regulatory standards, but how do you tackle all these issues with a limited budget?

  • We help Water & Wastewater utilities by combining 24x7 IT + OT Operational Security to reduce redundant costs, improve compliance posture and enrich cyber hygiene. This allows organization to focus resources on infrastructure upgrades, and environmental issues by making them more cyber resilient attacks that cause disruption and can cost millions.

  • We also help organizations to reduce costs and comply with AWWA Cyber Risk Requirements by offering Purchasing Contracts which can deliver savings of up to 40% on AWWA Cyber Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Assessment/ Pen Testing, SCADA/ICS Risk Assessment and 24x7 MDR Threat Monitoring.

  • Additionally, we help organizations reduce risk by establishing a robust Vulnerability Management and Self-Assessment Program with our Mitigator Vulnerability & Threat Management Platform. We further reduce risk for resource-limited organization by providing Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS).

We Provide

SCADA & ICS Vulnerability Asessments

Disaster Recovery Planning

Social Engineering

Security Compliances, Policy & Procedure Updates

Industrial Control & IoT Services Security Compliances

Risk Management

24x7x365 Managed Security Services & SEIM

Employee Security Awareness Training

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