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    Patch & Vulnerability Management

InfoSight's patch and vulnerability management services facilitate a stable and secure networking environment by assisting you in applying patches on all servers, workstations and network devices.

Patch & vulnerability management services include:

  • Patching of all Microsoft and third-party applications from Adobe, Java, Flash, etc.
  • Reporting of all Microsoft and third-party patch activities.
  • Change management tracking.
  • Documentation of patch management policies and procedures.

Patch management services protect critical network infrastructure from vulnerabilities, provide excellent reporting capabilities, and integrate necessary patches into daily operations.

Patch and vulnerability management is an area of systems management that presents a constant challenge due to the sheer volume and frequency of updates required to mitigate vulnerabilities discovered. IT departments are already stretched to maximum resource levels, so keeping up with patches feels like a race you can never win.

The main objective of a patch management program is to create a consistently-configured environment that is secure against known vulnerabilities. Not performing patches is not an option. Patch management tasks include: maintaining current knowledge of available patches, deciding what patches are appropriate for particular systems, ensuring that patches are installed properly, testing systems after installation, and documenting all associated procedures, such as specific configurations required. Patching hundreds or even dozens of PCs and servers is a major issue due to its complexity and time constraints.

InfoSight's security experts can help you to define, develop and establish robust patch management processes into your security practice as a well-planned process to evaluate and implement patches into your ongoing security program.

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