DDoS Defense

InfoSight's DDoS defense solution eliminates high-risk network traffic and mitigates the downtime and data breaches that can result when unwanted traffic is not stopped at the network perimeter. Placed at the outermost position of the network perimeter – even beyond the firewall – our solution filters out attacks and other unwanted traffic while allowing legitimate customer traffic to proceed. By filtering out the bad traffic before it ever reaches the firewall, IPS, SLB, etc., these devices can do their intended jobs more efficiently and effectively.

  • DDoS DefenseDDoS Defense
    DDoS Defense

  • DDoSDDoS
    DDoS Defense

Technical Highlights

  • Comprehensive DDoS protection: Defends against all forms of application layer and network-layer DDoS attacks.
  • Business continuity: Allows customers and employees to access services, even during an attack.
  • Global intelligence: feeds protect against known bad IP addresses.
  • Geolocation: Enforces security policy based on national origin of IP addresses.
  • Easy to deploy and manage: Flexible interface options speed installation, protecting networks within 30 minutes.
  • Specialized configuration: monitoring and incident response DDoS defense services tailored to each customer's specific needs.
  • Threat update service: Automated Protection Pack updates optimized for DDoS Defense.
  • Reliability and high availability: Built-in zero power port bypass, and redundant power ensure reliability.
  • Performance and low latency: Transparent network performance ensures latency-sensitive applications are not impacted.

DDoS or distributed denial of service, is an attack where multiple compromised systems are used to target a single system causing denial of service (DoS) in which services are unavailable. DDoS attacks are a threat to every organization that depends on the Internet to conduct business. DDoS results in loss of profits, damaged reputation, reduced productivity and costly downtime.

Even if your Web presence is minimal, with more sophisticated tools and automated programs for scanning and compromising computers on the Internet, an individual or group with malicious intent can simply download a DDoS program and then rent a botnet from which to launch an attack. They can also simply hire a DDoS "hit squad" to conduct attacks by the day, week or month.

Firewalls and IPS systems alone are simply not capable of keeping up with today's expanding attack vectors. A new generation of first-line-of-defense technology must be deployed in front of the firewall (or IPS); one that is capable of performing computer-intensive Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) operations necessary to eliminate unwanted traffic before it breaches the enterprise network.

DDoS Defense System (DDS) is your first line of defense against today's insidious low and slow application-layer Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which have become the attacker's weapon of choice, as well as the more traditional high-volume network floods. InfoSight's dedicated, on-premise solution delivers the most comprehensive DDoS protection available on the market today.