BYOD/Mobile Device Management

Bring Your Own Device

InfoSight provides mobile device management, wireless policy development, and security products that protect against viruses, malware and Blue-jacking while ensuring that only authorized devices are connected to the network.

Complete mobile security encompasses:

  • Segmenting personal and corporate data on employee owned devices (BYOD)
  • Securing the mobile device and its data, potentially using encryption
  • Securing the communications to and from the mobile device to the Corporate network
  • Controlling applications and content on corporate owned phones
  • Optimizing the enterprise network to support business mobility

The rise in the mobile workforce is putting more demand on IT departments for greater access to devices and greater access to corporate data stores. There is also a rise in employee-owned device usage in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenario.

To support business mobility, the enterprise network needs to be optimized by extending the network perimeter to the mobile worker, segmenting the network for security and reliability, and device management.

Our advanced platform makes managing multiple devices running an array of operating systems seamless and effortless.