Email Encryption

InfoSight's Email Encryption is a true "one-to-many" solution that doesn't require special software and utilizes a standard browser to be up and running within minutes. It's easy-to-implement and doesn't require additional staff or disrupt established workflow.

Benefits of Email Encryption:
  • Improve privacy of personal information
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Avoid costs of regulatory penalties & lawsuits
  • Improve confidence in your organization
  • Better customer relationships
  • Delivered solution by experienced, technical experts using proven methods
  • Integrity: ensuring that your message has not had unauthorized alteration
  • Confidentiality: ensuring that no unauthorized person (or process) has viewed the content
  • Accountability: being able to prove who wrote the email
  • Availability: ensuring that the email can be sent/received
  • Non-repudability: being able to prove that the recipient really did receive it

  • Email Encryption

Today's technology has brought incredible convenience through the use of email, but cyber criminals and hackers continually threaten the security of messages. InfoSight provides complete email protection that leaves no gaps in defense or security.