Email Content Management

InfoSight's Email Content Inspection and Management solution protects against dangerous and costly risks by allowing you to centrally define and manage a set of email usage policies and content filters, and automatically apply them to all inbound or outbound email.

Inspecting email content allows you to:

  • Universally enforce communications policies that filter all outbound messages
  • Prevent sensitive or confidential information from exiting your email network
  • Ensure email compliance with government regulations and corporate policies.
  • Reduce legal liability by identifying messages that include potentially risky language, such as "guaranteed return" in financial services, or diagnostic codes in healthcare.
  • Protect intellectual property by scanning and filtering message content to prevent sensitive information from leaving your corporate network. Increase customer confidence
  • Protect customer account, identity and health information
  • Keep information safe from outsiders including: intellectual property, strategy, pricing, launch schedules, blue prints, etc.

  • Email Content Management

Without visibility and control over the information leaving your enterprise email network your organization is vulnerable to legal liability, regulatory violations and penalties, abuse of email resources, competitive threats, and loss of priceless information assets. As part of a comprehensive email content inspection solution, InfoSight protects your confidential information by continuously screening electronic communication channels for sensitive information.

By analyzing potential violations with sophisticated algorithms to reduce false positives, and enforcing configurable distribution policies that conform to compliance regulations and company standards.

InfoSight customers are able to better cope with the growing volume of emails and gain control over their email management storage costs, while ensuring compliance and increasing performance and efficiency.