IT Audit

IT Audit

InfoSight has both the knowledge and the experience in IT audit to help you comply with internal, external, and regulatory audit requirements.

We also offer:

  • IT Audit Testing Support
  • IT Audit Deficiency Remediation
  • IT Audit Program Design and Review
  • Audit Automation Software Implementation and Configuration
  • IT Audit Training
  • NACHA ACH Compliance Audit

We conduct our IT audits in accordance with standards provided by both ISACA and IIA organizations for planning, fieldwork, and reporting and have in-depth knowledge of IT systems, controls, and processes. We also understand the requirements of both general and industry specific frameworks and guidance provided by COBIT, NIST, FFIEC, NACHA, ISO 27000 to name a few. We offer full scale IT Audit outsourcing services where we design an IT audit risk assessment approach aligned with your industry requirements and best practices and manage and perform all IT audit planning, testing, and reporting activities.

IT audits provide independent objective assurance that controls are working as intended and differ from a review and/or an assessment since an opinion is given. The scope of an IT audit is determined by the results of a risk assessment that includes qualitative and quantitative criteria as well as historic and current information. Audits may also be required to demonstrate that mitigation programs are working as intended and are a key element of monitoring and governance oversight.