Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) Software Platform

InfoSight’s GRC tool provides a comprehensive, enterprise cloud platform or on-premise solution that integrates, standardizes, and enhances the existing governance, risk and compliance and processes. It enables organizations to meet the challenging and ever‐changing requirements of PCI, SOX, GLBA, FFIEC, HIPAA, FISMA, NERC, and many others.
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    Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) Software Platform

InfoSight's GRC helps with:

  • Compliance Management
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    Create and manage one to multiple risk assessments using one or more control templates for any given entity. Leverage common controls and overlays to streamline control implementation and the evaluation of controls across multiple regulations or standards. Capture evidence and artifacts of how controls are implemented along with any independent assessment of control effectiveness. Document standardize risks, and any findings from control implementation or assessment or from vulnerability/configuration assessment scans. Included with core TrustedAgent Platform.
  • Audit Management
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    Create and maintain a risk audit universe. Add capabilities to create and maintain audit plans and audit reports. Add ability to issue audit controls to one or more auditors and against specific entity. Track the planned and actual time and cost resources required to perform the audit. Maintain audit workpapers.
  • Enterprise Risk Management
    Provide standardized risks of operational risk and vulnerabilities by assets across the enterprise and drill down to specific entity on management dashboard. Dashboard details are exportable or be included in customized reports. Provide enterprise-wide and component-level risk reports of top risks and applicable control compliance reports across entities within the enterprise and components.
  • Exception Management
    Perform control scoping. Track compensating or alternative, and other risk-based decisions for control implementation. Create and manage corrective actions for entities, and their implementation plan and reporting. Manage waivers and risk-based decisions relating to corrective actions.
  • IT Governance
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    Provide a hierarchy-based approach to manage data and the relationship between the department, the components, the entities, the assets, people, interconnections, identified risks and risk treatment, authorization, and monitor or corrective and preventive actions.
  • Asset Management
    Centrally maintain an inventory of hardware and software assets across an enterprise. Asset data are imported using Excel or ingested using SCAP-compliant vulnerability management or asset discovery solutions. Coupled with Vulnerability Management module, newly identified assets can be automatically added or reported on in case of unauthorized assets. Assets can also be exported from TrustedAgent into Excel as required. Standard attributes can be maintained for each asset. If needed, new attributes can be added through configuration. Relationships between assets, parents of asset, and collection of multiple assets within an entity (application, GSS, or network) can also be defined. Provide the ability to track key documents against each asset.
  • Vulnerability Management
    Ingest vulnerability and misconfiguration information from several leading industry vulnerability and configuration management solutions including Qualys, SAINT, Nessus, Appscan, and BigFix. Automatically reconcile misconfigurations and vulnerabilities against managed assets. Discover managed and unmanaged assets. Provide reports of managed and unmanaged asset list (via NMAP).
  • Authorization Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Vendor Risk Management
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Organizations can also adopt InfoSight's GRC Platform to improve their existing business processes and best practices using frameworks such as ISO 27001/27002 and COBIT, to achieve cost reduction, eliminate waste and gain operational efficiencies. GRC is an enterprise approach that typically encompasses activities such as corporate governance, enterprise risk management (ERM) and corporate compliance with applicable laws and regulations. InfoSight GRC can be leveraged as a hosted cloud service or on premise application.

InfoSight GRC also enables organizations to incrementally build up and roll out key GRC processes in a phased approach across the enterprise. This phased approach ensures effective adoption and ongoing organizational support with minimal disruptions and without overwhelming the organization.

A successful governance, risk management, and compliance program enables organizations to:

  • Monitor and continuously improve the risk and compliance profile by having an integrated central repository for all functional areas across your enterprise.
  • Better govern, communicate, and standardize policies and procedures across technical, operational, and human assets.
  • Ensure secure and effective internal processes and those processes established with vendors and business partners.
  • Quantify and better manage risks, vulnerabilities and their remediation efforts.
  • Measure residual risks and impacts, and project outcomes from risk‐based activities.
  • Standardize management of risks, privacy, and regulatory compliance across the enterprise.
  • Reduce risks that negatively impact customer dissatisfaction, revenues, stock price volatility, and brand recognition.
  • Reduce resources, time, and costs associated with compliance and oversight processes.
  • Proactively assess and continuously improve the organization security posture.