Compliance Assurance Program™

Compliance Assurance Program

InfoSight's Compliance Assurance Program™ (CAP) is designed to assist organizations by reducing the overall cost of compliance through resource augmentation and tools that ease the "compliance burden", an expensive, resource intensive requirement of many organizations today. We help you determine your compliance footprint and tailor a program that best meet your specific need.

  • Augmentation of your existing staff with our compliance experts.
  • Ensure all assets have been identified and map appropriately to internal and external compliance requirements.
  • Evaluate and assess your compliance posture prior to the arrival of examiners.
  • Perform necessary risk assessments to ensure adequate controls are in place.
  • Monitor the regulatory landscape to remain in compliance with existing regulations and expected supplements.
  • Train and support your Information Security, Compliance Officer and staff.

How do we reduce compliance cost with our CAP™ Program? By utilizing an “integrated evaluation methodology” during the discovery process we are able to leverage data collection and controls review data thereby minimizing duplicate collection efforts.

If your organization is subjected to State and Federal regulations as part of its core business, no doubt you are required to follow one or more established compliance frameworks. However if you are a service provider to regulated businesses you will fall under a Vendor Management and Service Provider Oversight Program which by association requires you to comply with the same requirements as regulated industry. We can help with compliance for FFIEC/GLBA, PCI-DSS, CFPB, BSA/AML, HIPAA, OCIE, and more.

To make sure deadlines are met and requirements aren't falling through the cracks, we’ll help you design, implement and effectively manage a process that integrates and tracks the demands of auditors and regulators. Our comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports have been successfully used by organizations to pass thousands of audits.