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If you need penetration testing in Tampa, you've come to the right place! InfoSight is a stellar provider of security testing measures, regardless of your system. We're a premier tester of security protocols to ensure your IT assets are well protected. We are proud that our Penetration Testing meets the requirements of international standards, as well as third-party assurance and compliance for  PCI-DSS, GLBA, HIPAA and other regulatory frameworks. Our goal is to pinpoint vulnerabilities and give you a full assessment of what you can do to upgrade your system. Regardless of the problem, we have an innovative solution for you! Contact us today to learn more.

InfoSight will give you a wide array of options if you need additional measures to enhance your security apparatus. We have a stellar reputation in when it comes to penetration testing in Tampa, and we apply real-world scenarios in which your system could be breached. We test for all types of threats, and we accommodate special requests. The Digital Age is rife with Cyber attacks, and even the most reputable and established organizations on the planet have suffered from data breaches. For instance, Experian suffered a data breaches that resulted in millions of people's financial data being exposed. In 2018, the city of Atlanta suffered from a major ransomware attack that left city officials helpless and forced them to spend millions of dollars to counter the threat.

Our penetration testing methodology includes:

  • Gathering information about the target before the test (reconnaissance)
  • Identifying all possible entry points, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses
  • Attempting an exploit to gain entry
  • Reporting back findings and providing detailed instructions for remediation


No organization or company is safe from Cyber attacks, but prevention is key. We will provide you with a full assessment of our tests that details vulnerabilities and will recommend the necessary changes. Our services apply to all systems, including ones where new upgrades and security measures have already been added. Our testing keeps your system on its toes, and we'll give you that peace of mind in knowing that you're adequately protected. Penetration testing in Tampa is an easy procedure for us due to our experience and efficiency within this field. We also have the latest tools and resources to give you the best service possible.

We will place your system through the ultimate stress test to see how it fares against Cyber onslaughts. We mimic real-world and do not utilize procedures that would never apply in the Cyber hacker world. We help you stay one step ahead of the criminals by noting potential flaws that could be exploited. Criminals will take advantage of any system flaw and will use it to gain maximum access to your system. Our penetration testing in Tampa will help you protect such valuable assets as intellectual property, credit card numbers, company secrets, records, etc. Allow us to help you!

Here are some questions to ask to determine how vulnerable your network may be:

  • How long ago was my last vulnerability test?
  • How many changes and or upgrades has my network had since my last vulnerability test?
  • Do the counter measures I have in place to prevent an intrusion actually work?
  • What security layers should I implement next to best protect my company's assets?
  • Do I know where confidential and sensitive data is located on my network enterprise wide?
  • How do I know if my IT Security reports are accurate?

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Penetration Testing Tampa