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Vulnerability Assessment

Network Vulnerability in Orlando is constantly rising and spreading, as the virus threats, security breaches, risks, and the multitude of other possible attacks only seem to be becoming more and more sophisticated and prevalent.

To ensure the security of your company, InfoSight will perform a detailed study and analysis of the actual effectiveness of a company's preventative measures and security status.

The proliferation and success of these current day threats and risks is why a Network Vulnerability Florida assessment should be performed, and regular, routine testing and maintenance should consistently be conducted.

The Network Vulnerability in Orlando Tests can include but are not limited to the following internal and external options:

Network vulnerability and security is a confusing and extensive forest of questions and solutions. It’s virtually impossible to know everything about security, though it’s very rewarding to know that your information is safe and sound. If you’re curious as to how to go about ensuring your network has top quality security, ask yourself these questions and consider the solutions further explained in this article.

    • Do you know the main areas that cyber-criminals like to begin their attacks?
    • How often do you assess the stability of your network’s security posture?
    • Have you considered that your employee’s knowledge of security could be the defining
      factor between a secure perimeter and a breach?

1) The process of ensuring the security of your network should always begin with assessment. Network vulnerability is best understood when looked at from a cyber-criminals point of view. It’s a good idea to ask yourself:
    • What vulnerabilities would a cyber-criminal find if he or she were to monitor my
    • Could a member of your staff be duped into giving information about your network
    • Could your network be used as a means of attacking another company’s network
      without your knowledge?

IT assessments and network penetration testing should be regular tasks to mitigate your network vulnerability. Consider testing whenever you’ve added new elements to your hardware or software. This is a great way to minimize the risk that your new appliances or software will be the open door to a cyber-criminal. It also gives you a chance to evaluate the efficiency of your network and create more effective ways of introducing new elements to your network.

2) The next step to managing your network vulnerability is to consider that your physical network may not be the biggest concern, but the individuals who are directly associated with the management and monitoring of your network. When your employees aren’t aware of security protocols they could unwittingly give a cyber-criminal information about your network vulnerability such as:
    • Service Providers
    • Vendors
    • Business Partners
    • Software Clients

Each of these elements is a key to open the door that is your network. Employee security education should be a top priority simply because if they can spot suspicious activity it could be the defining factor between a thwarted attempt and a breach.

3) The final step to managing your network vulnerability is to consider the ways you are monitoring your network. Between anti-X software and Intrusion detection and prevention a lot can slip through the cracks. Having an event correlation appliance is a huge improvement in your network vulnerability. It’s like having 10 security professionals constantly monitoring your network for strange behavior or suspicious activity and relaying the information back to a single source. It’s almost impossible for a human to do, but it is a necessary and very rewarding step to ensure that your network is locked tight.

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