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Social Engineering Orlando Assessment & Physical Security Testing

Currently the newest and latest ultimate con is Social Engineering in Orlando and everywhere in the world! These sly fraudsters are incredibly knowledgeable and have the resources to easily penetrate and infiltrate systems with thefts, breaches, and more. They will lie, convincingly and successfully, cheat, and steal their way past your organization's security controls, most likely with ease if you do not have the proper security, and sometimes even when you have security measures in place as well.

These devious people's goals are: theft, fraud, malice, espionage, and more! So, your best line of defense is to ensure that you and your staff acquire the necessary knowledge, precautions, tools, and, if the horrible situation arises, the appropriate responses that should be taken, in regards to Social Engineering in Orlando.

  • Do you know why Social Engineering is so effective?
  • Do you know the vast multitude of different methods of attacks and breaches that exist?
  • Are your employees able to identify, avert, and then respond properly to possible Social Engineering Orlando scams?

Fraud and theft incidents are on the constant rise - especially in financial services and healthcare - and many of these crimes result from social engineers achieving deception in person, via the telephone, and/or through popular social networking sites.

Despite all the media hype about the threats from hackers and viruses, the greatest threats to an organization's information security are actually the employees of the company! They are the people who, too often, too willingly, and too ignorantly and obliviously fall victim to Social Engineering in Orlando ploys, opening your company's doors wide open to slick-tongued fraudsters, theft, viruses, breaches, and much more.

What can you do about social engineering attacks?
There are two ways of protecting yourself and your employees from falling victim to a social engineering scam. One is training your staff how to recognize and deter social engineers, as well as what information is considered private information. If you don’t dictate what is and isn’t important, it’s guaranteed that your important information will be passed off as common knowledge and leaked to a social engineer. Secondly, you should regularly test your staff to see if they are following security protocols or if they disclose private information.

InfoSight is a premier provider of compliance assurance and IT Managed services. We’ve been providing exemplary service to federally-regulated organizations and ensuring the security of financial institutions nationwide for over 15 years. InfoSight offers social engineering training that could fill compliance requirements and testing that will provide a clear picture of your risk profile. We offer affordable solutions to mitigate the risk associated with social engineering. To speak with a security professional, or if you would like more information about social engineering, please visit

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