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VOIP Phone System in Orlando InfoSight Services will answer all your questions by surveying and analyzing your current infrastructure and our team of technicians will help you develop solutions and a Detailed Business Case based on your specific needs.

VOIP Phone System in Orlando Quick Checklist: If you require answers to any of the following questions, please call us today to provide you with the proper assistance!

  • How do I choose the most suitable virtualization platform?
  • Are all my applications supported in a virtual environment?
  • What software licenses will be/are required?

To help you capitalize on your virtualization opportunities, InfoSight offers a complete integrated virtualization solution spanning the desktop to the data center. Our integrated virtualization solution places your organization on a predictable path to the many benefits of an adaptive infrastructure. We help you achieve this improvement faster and easier than ever before:

  • Consolidate and virtualize network connections
  • Manage your physical and virtual environments with the advanced infrastructure
    management capabilities
  • Build a next-generation data center that integrates computer, network, storage, and management resources into a single platform that is designed for virtualization
  • Consolidate and manage your storage
  • Reduce power usage and costs
The primary Benefits of a VoIP Phone System are:
    • One Wiring system
    • Web based administration
    • Leveraging the Internet for telephone calls
    • Peer to Peer phone calls and videos
    • Remote users
    • Reduced Costs
    • Improve the delivery of customer service
    • Provide a performance “edge” over competitors

The plug-and-play feature of the VoIP phone system allows your end users to enjoy call control like never before, and access to a full suite of unified communications features, including IM, presence, video, and collaboration tools. The benefits of a VoIP phone system are as enticing as the savings!

One of the most common VoIP services in use today is IP telephony. These specialized phones look just like normal phones with a handset, cradle and buttons. But instead of having the standard RJ-11 phone connectors, IP phones have an RJ-45 Ethernet connector. IP phones connect directly to your router and have all the hardware and software necessary right onboard to handle the IP call. Wi-Fi phones allow subscribing callers to make VoIP calls from any Wi-Fi hot spot.

As with any rapidly-growing technology, there are a wide variety of providers and a range of features at greatly varying prices. Contact InfoSight today to understand what issues you should consider during your decision-making process, what you can expect to pay, and how to go about maximizing your investment in IP Telephony.

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