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Call us today for your External Pen Test in Orlando. We here at InfoSight provide you with the assistance that you need in protecting your vital data. We identify and where your systems are vulnerable and analyze the impact and risks associated with these vulnerabilities, and we will provide you with the safest and most efficient protection services.

  • How easy is it for a hacker to penetrate my network from the outside?
  • What are the exact and effective measures we should implement to best protect our data and assets?
  • Exactly what information and data are at risk?

We can show you exactly how your system can be compromised before you become a victim of cybercrimes, and determine the best security protection methods that suits your business needs. Our External Pen Test process will identify how effectively your company's current security policies are protecting your assets, and determine if they are truly working.

Here are some of the areas we can test:
     Router filtering
     Firewall filtering
     Visible IP services
     Operating system software flaws
     Server application software flaws
     Known configuration errors
     Information disclosure that may aid an attacker
     Web server misconfigurations
     Subnet scanning / host enumeration
     Publically available information gathering

How a Cyber-Attack Can Cripple Your Network
Cyber-criminals have two points of entry to your network, one of which is through the internet (which is what an external pen test can prevent). If a cyber-criminal is able to exploit the vulnerabilities of a network and gain access to the data stored inside, the criminal can, and will, steal sensitive information, destroy data that isn’t recoverable, or even publish his findings on the Internet. The cyber-criminal could also create a route for re-entry into your network, allowing him to commit the crime again and again without your knowledge.

Who Can Perform an External Pen Test?
This is one of those “Don’t try this at home” situations. Put the security of your network in the hands of security professionals like InfoSight Inc. InfoSight has been providing security consultation, including external pen tests, to financial institutions for more than 15 years. We provide our customers in the financial industry with piece of mind and control over their security. InfoSight will provide you with a detailed report of your network’s vulnerabilities including a roadmap to remediation. We can even assist in the remediation itself.

If you would like more information regarding an External Pen Test, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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