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Social Engineering Test Ohio Assessment & Physical Security Testing

Social Engineering Test in Ohio Services, provided by InfoSight, are just a small part of the larger picture that makes up proper and effective system security and protection. These tests, along with the use of our other services, strengthen your systems' security and help to protect your valuable data, especially if these tests are conducted on a regular basis. In this day and age of technology it is essential that you ensure your systems are protected with the maximum security measures in place.

Today's hackers job is to become more knowledgeable and tremendously skilled, and they are easily obtaining the resources to penetrate and breach systems, leading to thefts and other devastations. They will lie convincingly and successfully, cheat, and steal, and do anything they can to break right through your business' security controls, and interesting enough many of these breaches occur from inside your offices by unaware employees!

Social Engineering Test in Ohio is a service we provide that will secure your data and information. With the Internet being a vehicle for breaches, email in particular, cybercriminals can easily gain access directly to your data before you know it, so your best line of defense is quite simply: knowledge, awareness, vigilance, and preparation.

Surprisingly, employees often cause these breaches, unknowingly opening and spreading viruses, so you also must ensure that you and your staff possesses the appropriate knowledge and skills to accurately identify, elude, take the necessary precautions, and properly respond to these threats and risks, and we offer trainings and other programs along with the multitude of our other vital services, so call us today for the best security and protection available!

How does a social engineering test work?
In a social engineering test, our information security professionals pose as an attacker using their social skills to obtain or compromise information about the organization who hired us. An actual attacker may seem unassuming and respectable, possibly claiming to be a new employee, repair person, or researcher and even offering credentials to support that identity. Our security professionals use real-world tactics like these in their social engineering test. Well-trained victims of social engineering test attacks; however, will ask questions in order to thwart the attempts of an attacker. They know that by giving too much information, the attacker may be able to piece together enough information to infiltrate an organization's network. If an attacker is not able to gather enough information from one source, they may contact another source within the same organization and rely on the information from the first source to add to his or her credibility.

Implementing a regular social engineering test into your security plan will drastically increase your security posture and gives you peace of mind knowing your employees know how to spot and stop a scam. InfoSight can provide your organization with the assistance you need for effective breach prevention.

A social engineering test is always a good place to start when assessing your security posture. InfoSight can also assist with the security awareness training and education. If you would like more information about performing a social engineering test or security awareness training, contact us at

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