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InfoSight Inc. continues to educate the business community on IT Security in Ohio, and the many issues and developments in the IT world. While technology alone will not fully protect your personal, or work data, and your system, from being exploited, or breached; there are helpful practical measures. We offer comprehensive coverage of confidential data; we help to prevent data breaches, stop data leakage, demonstrate compliance, and reduce the risk of external attacks, and also inside threats from accidental use or malicious acts.

The increase of social engineering and security breaching techniques, is frightening. Add to that, the fact that the Internet can very easily introduce, and spread malware without user knowledge. The reality calls for urgent action. It has become absolutely crucial to learn the right and wrong ways to use technology and the Internet. For some reason, IT Security for  Ohio businesses and Awareness Training continue to be absent from, or not a priority on, the agenda of influential business leaders. It's viewed as a luxury, not as the necessity it is.

InfoSight analyzes your organization's specific IT Security Systems and your IT Security needs and delivers applicable, effective, affordable Information Security Awareness Training. We identify areas of concern, develop a baseline of staff security knowledge, and measure the progress of your awareness programs, regularly. Technology alone is not the answer; it cannot comprehend the contextual subtleties of each employee's duties, to make informed decisions on data flow. Training will help; it will complement efforts at IT Security in Ohio.

Protect your company's valuable assets and information from being compromised, enter the age of comprehensive coverage of data, across all endpoint, network, and storage systems. Despite the need for vital information and preventative measures, and the growing concern about data loss, why have many companies failed to address these issues? A few very important questions involving IT Security in Ohio include:

  • Do you know exactly where your confidential data is located?
  • Which data loss channels are most vulnerable and most in need of protection?
  • Which technologies will maximize compliance with data privacy regulations & provide the best effective protection against data breaches?

Security Awareness:
Customer Security Awareness Program is absolutely essential if you want to best protect your company, your data, your assets, and any other important information. Nowadays, the cyber world, and the world in general, is full of scams and malicious intentions, and these are only growing and advancing, especially in hacking methods, so protecting your personal and workplace data is as crucial as protecting your bank account. Hackers, identity thieves, and malicious people and programs roam the Internet just searching for easy targets, and that is why IT Security Awareness is vital. Well, to protect your organization and to ensure proficient and effective enterprise security, it is essential to establish a baseline of required fundamental security knowledge and information on potential threats for ALL employees. The best way to ensure and maintain this baseline is to regularly and consistently train all current employees and new hires, and possibly even testing them.

Technology alone cannot protect your personal or work information from being exploited or breached; in fact, no type of technology is safe! Most of the responsibility lies in the hands of the user and the network security techniques they choose to utilize. Due to the proliferation of social engineering tactics and security breaching methods, and because the Internet can easily introduce and spread malware without user knowledge, it is vital to learn the right and wrong ways to use technology and the Internet.

For some strange, illogical reason, Customer Security Awareness Program is often viewed as a luxury and not as a necessity. In reality, this critical training is, in fact, necessary, and does not just improve an employee’s skills, but proves to be a huge investment in the company by increasing security, efficiency, compliance, and profit.

The bottom line is: security awareness training can no longer be viewed as "optional" in the corporate world, or basically, in any situation. In competitive markets, security awareness training may very well be a matter of survival! When there are gaps in security awareness and alertness, and lack of essential knowledge, there becomes an immediate and dangerous risk to all of the organization’s confidential information, revenues, and data!

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