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Although, no system is 100% secure, having the knowledge and security in place with IT Security Solutions in Ohio, puts you a head of cybercriminals. The key to keeping your organization safe is having all the latest security measures in place, making it much more difficult for your systems to be breached, leading to loss of your most valuable information.

This is what InfoSight's IT Security Solutions in Ohio services and programs are all about! Securing your valuable data is our number one concern. The best line of defense is not just IT Security Solutions Ohio, it is the involvement of your entire team that are trained, knowledgeable, prepared, and know how to respond if they believe a breach has occurred.

For your valuable data, you need to put in place IT Security Solutions in Ohio. Our IT Security Solutions, not only protect your vital data, but we start off with checking for any system vulnerabilities, secure any vulnerable areas, update your existing security system or implement one, monitor, and keep your security systems updated.

We invite you to take our IT Managed Services Quick Survey: If you answer "Yes" to any of the following questions, allow your systems to be at risk no longer and give us a call today! We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you and your company as best we can!

     • Do you know and understand all the rules of and all of your compliance obligations?
    • Are you prepared for you next audit, and if so, do you have the time necessary for it?
    • Would you like to reduce the overall cost of compliance? (We are sure you would!)

Information Assurance Process Testing (IAPT)
The Information Assurance Process Test suite is a series of process examinations which seek to discover potential risks and flaws in existing non-technical security processes implemented within the organization. This assessment may include areas as diverse as:

    • Governance and Management Structure Security and Efficacy Testing
    • Information Security Policy Implementation Testing
    • Personnel Security Testing (Background Checks and Screening, Confidentiality, Non-
      disclosure, and Authorized Use Agreements, Job Description)
    • Risk Assessment Process Testing and Risk Management Procedural Testing
    • Security Process Controls Testing
    • Third Party Vendor Security Testing (SAS70 Reviews, Policy Validation)
    • Insurance Validation Testing

Regulatory Framework Compliance Review (RFCR)
If an organization is subjected to state and/or federal regulations as part of their core business, they may be required to follow one or more established compliance frameworks. As such, InfoSight's Regulatory Framework Compliance Review can assist an organization in determining their compliance to such frameworks prior to the arrival of auditors and examiners. This assessment is conducted against the frameworks an organization is required to comply with, and can vary from engagement to engagement. The security tests performed during the Regulatory Framework Compliance Review include the following:

    • PCI Compliance Review
    • COBIT Compliance Review
    • SOX 404 Compliance Review
    • GLBA 501(b) Compliance Review
    • BSA Compliance Review
    • HIPAA Data Security Compliance Review
    • Red Flag Identity Theft Review

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