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Shore Tel Phone System Service is one of the areas we specialize in, and our expert team of technicians are the only professionals to trust! We will substantially reduce your monthly telecommunication expenses, (often by hundreds of dollars or more!), and we will provide you with nothing but the highest quality of service and product at all times!

We will deliver superior service, reliability, scalability and manageability and provide you with a User Interface that enables an easier, more user friendly system. We design a Voice, Video, and Data (VDV) Network, complete with a Contact Center for organizations no matter the size!

  • Are you looking for a way to reduce your telephone expenses, yet still gain efficiency, improvement, quality, and flexibility?
  • Do you need to update and improve your current Voice Services with enhanced features that are unavailable for older phone systems?
  • Would you like more information on the vast array of benefits, such as saving money, increasing efficiency, and enhancing productivity, that investing in a new and improved Business Phone System will provide you?
Businesses appreciate the ShoreTel Phone System because of its:
    • Low Cost – low upfront costs, and helps lower long distance, operational and
      maintenance costs.
    • Seamless integration – Open API and pre-build integration with Microsoft Outlook,, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite CRM, Copitrak, Equitrac, and
      many others.
    • Simplicity– ShoreTel phone system is simple to install, manage, use, and scale.
    • Mobility – Access desk phone features through cellular or WIFI on mobile devices
Perhaps the most significant of the benefits of this communication system is cost savings. With a ShoreTel Phone System, your business will receive an enterprise-class solution at a small business price point. What’s more - the ShoreTel Phone System has received the highest customer satisfaction ratings among the top business IP telephony and unified communications providers.

ShoreTel phone system is:
    • An all-in-one solution
    • Easy to install, manage, use and it’s scalable
    • Great for large and small businesses
    • Positioned to boost your productivity and reduce your costs
    • Focused on customer satisfaction

InfoSight specializes in helping business like yours take advantage of IP-based communications to help reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve productivity and boost the bottom line. Contact us today to get started, or if you’re looking to put your communications in the cloud.

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