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Phone System Service is one of the areas we specialize in, and we at InfoSight are definitely the only expert team of technicians to trust in regards to this work!

We will help you tremendously lower your monthly telecommunication expenses, (often by hundreds of dollars or more!), and we will provide you with nothing but the highest quality of service at all times!

We will deliver unmatched reliability, scalability and manageability, and our User Interface enables a much easier and more user friendly system; we can design a Voice, Video, and Data (VDV) Network, complete with a Contact Center for any size organization.

  • Are you searching for a way to reduce your telephone expenses, yet still gain efficiency, improvement, quality, and flexibility?
  • Do you want to update and improve your current Voice Services with enhanced features that are unavailable for older phone systems?
  • Would you like more information on the vast array of benefits, such as saving money, increasing efficiency, and enhancing productivity, that investing in a new and improved Business Phone System will provide you?

IP Telephony Solutions - More than just an alternative to expensive long distance rates, IP Telephony's true promise lies in the increased services and improved client relationships it can facilitate and maintain. Compared to current Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), IP Telephony brings maximum value to incoming telephone calls and the information they receive. By making this information more user friendly, easier to obtain, and flexible to use, IP Telephony offers an impressive information gathering alternative for e-business and advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) purposes.

Many organizations use VoIP to streamline their networks, and by routing thousands of phone calls through a circuit switch and into an IP Gateway, they can seriously reduce the bandwidth that is currently being used/wasted. By switching to this technology, telephone networks immediately gain the capability to communicate just as computers do. VoIP is an incredibly vast improvement from the current phone systems being utilized in efficiency, cost, flexibility, and much more!

The benefits of IP Telephony over traditional phone systems include:
    • Cleaner and easier Infrastructure
    • Significantly lower operating costs
    • Simplified equipment and maintenance
    • Improved scalability and growth
    • Improved features for business operations
    • Improved technological features and capabilities

Because a LAN / WAN network is the super highway for data and VoIP communication traffic within an organization, it needs consideration. Dimensioning the LAN / WAN network to ensure it is fully optimized to support a combination of VoIP and data is a critical element for successful operation of VoIP systems. INFOSIGHT fully understands this critical need and how to implement a fully optimized and efficient LAN / WAN network to support data and VoIP solutions deployment. Visit our LAN / WAN network page or send us an email with your questions.

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