Cloud Security

Cloud Security, along with the many other protective methods and preventative measures you can implement, will further strengthen the security of your systems and your important data.

You can feel even more rest assured when you use our Cloud Security Storage, that your information will be safely stored and backed up in case of the scary event of a breach. With InfoSight's Cloud Security and Storage Services included in our Cloud Computing Services, you can tremendously reduce not only risk, but complexity and cost as well, without making your organization's infrastructure, information, and property vulnerable.

Our offer organizes the creation of a Hybrid IT Model and enables it to truly solve business needs, and gets you back online faster in the terrible event of a disaster.

Now, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know which of your systems are vulnerable to infiltration and need protection?
  • If breached, how much important and otherwise productive time can you afford to lose?
  • Just how long would it take to recover the most critical data from your organization's
    most recent backup tapes?

Besides recovery and backup, our Cloud Storage Solutions offer benefits for your entire storage plan, including:

Benefits of Cloud Storage

1. No More Backup Windows - Eliminate the restrictions of speed, space and transfer time experienced during that precious backup window. Ensure all your data is backed up without any effort on your part. Cloud storage will change the way you create and use backups by storing your data in highly-protected data centers outside your facility, meaning your data is always safely backed up off-site.

2. Faster Recovery/Less Infrastructure - Eliminate wait times. With cloud storage, there is much less time required to recover data because we build highly-available, highly-redundant storage vaults so that your data is simply there when you need it, all the time.

3. Better Storage Utilization - Remove the restrictions on what kind of data goes into storage, as well as the constraints of data management. With cloud storage, you won't run out of backup storage, and you'll feel better about actually utilizing your storage because you know it'll be protected.

4. Data Accessibility - Cloud storage allows your data to be available anytime you need it, wherever you need it, without complex and expensive remote-access schemes. You and your mobile employees can access data instantly from anywhere around the globe. It's safe, private, secure, and protected.