IT Managed Services Georgia

IT Managed Services Georgia

IT Managed Services in Georgia, when introduced by Info Sight Inc. impact positively on your Business organization, immediately. We set you up with various secure programs which protect your system's important data. Our IT Managed Services are being increasingly regarded by Businesses, as necessary processes that need to be operating on an ongoing basis, constantly monitored, and regularly updated. Every Business is wisely advised to develop a strong culture of IT Security, from within, and move into the realm of modern progressive IT Management. There are no real substitutes.

No one can possibly predict precisely what new compliance regulations, scams, and risks will, or can, threaten an organization's future. Do not be caught off guard; be on the safe side, and make  Info Sight Inc. your trusted IT partner. We are precisely the partner you need, to assess your network's vulnerabilities, customize solutions, and implement proven IT Managed Services in Georgia. It is the very best way to protect your organization, your data, your present and future IT Business environment! Make the wisest IT choices, with us!

When you book our FREE Consultation, we introduce you to options, and discuss with you, the benefits of IT Managed Services in Georgia, one of our specialist areas of focus. We assist you with your IT Management. Organizations struggle to ensure that their technology infrastructure is secure, and compliant with Regulations, and Industry/Company policies, but indispensable are: Security Training, and focused Programs, to protect Corporate Assets, and sensitive Data from being compromised, or even irretrievably lost.

We urge you to take the quantum leap into the modern world of IT; participate and complete our IT Managed Services Georgia Quick Survey: If you answer "Yes" to any of the following questions, allow your Systems to be at risk no longer; call immediately! We look forward to serving you, and benefitting you, and your company, as you choose what is in your very best Business interest: the protection of your present, and future IT Systems and culture.

  • Do you know and understand all the rules of and all of your compliance obligations?
  • Are you prepared for your next audit, and if so do you have the time necessary for it?
  • Would you like to reduce the overall cost of compliance? (We are sure you would!)

InfoSight's proficient, skilled, and expert technicians will assist you with all aspects of IT Managed Services Services. Organizations struggle to ensure that their business technology infrastructures are secure and compliant with regulations and with industry and company policies. We make sure that your systems are safe and compliant.

Information Assurance Process Testing (IAPT)
The Information Assurance Process Test suite is a series of process examinations which seek to discover potential risks and flaws in existing non-technical security processes implemented within the organization. This assessment may include areas as diverse as:

  • Governance and Management Structure Security and Efficacy Testing
  • Information Security Policy Implementation Testing
  • Personnel Security Testing (Background Checks and Screening, Confidentiality, Non-disclosure, and Authorized Use Agreements, Job Description)
  • Risk Assessment Process Testing and Risk Management Procedural Testing
  • Security Process Controls Testing
  • Third Party Vendor Security Testing (SAS70 Reviews, Policy Validation)
  • Insurance Validation Testing

Regulatory Framework Compliance Review (RFCR)
If an organization is subjected to state and/or federal regulations as part of their core business, they may be required to follow one or more established compliance frameworks. As such, InfoSight's Regulatory Framework Compliance Review can assist an organization in determining their compliance to such frameworks prior to the arrival of auditors and examiners. This assessment is conducted against the frameworks an organization is required to comply with, and can vary from engagement to engagement. The security tests performed during the Regulatory Framework Compliance Review include the following:

  • PCI Compliance Review
  • COBIT Compliance Review
  • SOX 404 Compliance Review
  • GLBA 501(b) Compliance Review
  • BSA Compliance Review
  • HIPAA Data Security Compliance Review
  • Red Flag Identity Theft Review

Do not face compliance issues alone. Contact us today to learn how InfoSight can help you ensure continuous compliance with internal policy and regulatory mandates.

Complementary Services
Vulnerability Scanning
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Information Security Awareness Training