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What is HIPAA Privacy and Compliance?

HIPAA Privacy in Georgia is taken very seriously, especially now that organizations realizes that they could be prosecuted, and made to pay exorbitant penalties. HIPAA makes it obligatory for covered entities, physicians, nursing homes, health insurance companies, clearinghouses, Business Associates and their sub-contractors, to safeguard and protect personally identifying patient health information, written and electronic. We stand ready to guide you on HIPAA Compliance and implement IT Solutions suited to you.

The rules for HIPAA Privacy in Georgia spell out serious responsibilities, and they include training of the workforce on the proper use, storage, and retrieval of patient data. We, here at InfoSight Inc. offer that type of training, in addition to our services for the professional implementation of the most ideal Healthcare IT Security Systems, compatible, and appropriate to your size, organizational structure, and particular risks. HIPAA requirements for protecting sensitive data can be a costly proposition; we make it simple and affordable.

Choose us as your IT provider and let us navigate the HIPAA regulatory landscape for you, and put you on track. Whether it is Cloud-based Applications, Firewalls, or other issues, we are competent and ready to effectively address them for you. If you face a tightening budget, and scarce resources, we will be flexible with you, and search for a range of reasonable options, and outline them to you, within a phased plan. Meet with us, and learn how we can move you towards HIPAA Compliance, as we simplify the complexity of the technical IT requirements of HIPAA Privacy in Georgia.

A Supplemental Act was passed in 2009, The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act; it supports the enforcement of HIPAA requirements, by raising the penalties of health organizations that violate HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. The HITECH Act emerged in response to health technology development and increased use, storage, and transmittal of electronic health information. Partner with us; learn more.

If you would like more information regarding HIPAA Privacy, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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