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What is HIPAA Compliance?

HIPAA Compliance Services in Georgia are available from us, here at InfoSight Inc. where we offer comprehensive services to all types of healthcare providers, clearinghouses, and entities under HIPAA, and anyone who must comply with HIPAA. We will assist you in reducing your costs, and quickly improve your status by ensuring that you address all HIPAA Compliance Security Standards. Failure to be HIPAA compliant results in hefty regulatory fines, direct business losses through lawsuits, and a damaged reputation.

Take advantage of our HIPAA Compliance Services in Georgia from InfoSight Inc. and also increase your mastery of HIPAA within your organization by appointing a HIPAA Officer who can partner with us, in your interest. There are many important factors worth considering as you approach us for Compliance services. They include: Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Information Systems, Evaluation, and whether any changes in your business, or in the law, require corresponding changes, to your HIPAA Compliance procedures.

The trend towards Cloud and Mobile devices is multiplying risks, and making HIPAA Compliance Services in Georgia a priority. The 2003 HIPAA Security Rule, the 2009 Health and Human Services (HHS) which added “business associate” to entities that must comply with HIPAA, the 2009 American Recovery/Reinvestment Act (ARRA), and the HITECH Act with breach notification rules for HIPAA entities, present many serious challenges. There is no need to be daunted; we, at InfoSight Inc. can make life easy for you, with our expertise.

Our experts urge you to embrace our HIPAA Compliance Services Georgia, using our extensive resources, focusing on technology, people, environment, and processes, across 7 security domains; Management and Policy, Access Control, Authentication, Awareness, Content Security, Threat Management, and Encryption, using 43 threat agents, representing internal/external events, that may disrupt your processes and activities. With our HIPAA Compliance Services in Georgia, you will be on your way to HIPAA Compliance.

A supplemental Act, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act supports the enforcement of HIPAA Compliance Regulations, making our HIPAA Compliance Services essential to you; it raises the penalties of health organizations which violate HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. The HITECH Act, a response to health technology development and increased use, storage and transmittal of electronic health info, warrants your full attention, as do our trusted HIPAA Compliance Services for Georgia.

If you would like more information regarding HIPAA Compliance Services, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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