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What is HIPAA Compliance Requirements?

Reduce costs and avoid fines; get your HIPAA Compliance Requirements in Georgia implemented effectively by us, here at InfoSight Inc. We are experienced in the HIPAA field, and we are ready to pro-actively guide you through the HIPAA maze. HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. With our Healthcare IT services, you will have peace of mind, knowing that you are living up to the rules, and that you are visibly and demonstrably compliant with HIPPA.

The main goal of HIPAA is the simplification of the administrative process of the healthcare system, and the protection and privacy of patient information. Meeting the HIPAA Compliance Requirements in Georgia should be a priority for every healthcare organization. InfoSight Inc. will help you to address the HIPAA Compliance Security Standards and improve your status and Security/Compliance posture. We also offer you new strategies to remain in compliance, once you meet full HIPAA Compliance Requirements in Georgia.

Take advantage of our extensive HIPAA expertise and HIPAA resources. We will prepare your Risk Assessment, focusing on technology, people, environment, and processes, across 7 security domains; Management and Policy, Access Control, Authentication, Awareness, Content Security, Threat Management, and Encryption, using 43 threat agents, representing internal/external events, that may damage your processes and activities. You will be proud of your new transparency and accountability, and quickly achieve all aspects of the HIPAA Compliance Requirements for Georgia.

Healthcare providers receive financial incentives to upgrade Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems or purchase EHR systems, which deliver a secure set of electronic services in keeping with the HITECH Act, a provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). This can strengthen preparation for your HIPAA Audit, and enhance your HIPPA Compliance Requirements record. The program, started in 2011, ends in 2015.

If you would like more information regarding HIPAA Compliance Requirements, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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