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What is HIPAA Compliance Regulations?

HIPAA Compliance Regulations in Georgia, as in other States, is becoming a top priority among healthcare institutions. We, here at InfoSight Inc. are experienced in the HIPAA field, and will accurately guide you through the HIPAA maze. InfoSight Inc. will show you how to avoid regulatory fines and a damaged reputation, by becoming pro-actively involved with your HIPAA needs, and offering you appropriate solutions to protect your data, especially your sensitive patient data. We will quickly move you to full HIPAA compliance.

InfoSight Inc. is known to make the route towards fulfilling HIPAA requirements, very affordable, and quick to implement, while outpacing the competition by our consistently high standards and our trustworthy performance. You have no option; HIPAA Compliance Requirements in Georgia must be met by law. Risk factors are multiplying daily, making the observance of the HIPAA Compliance Regulations in Georgia urgent. We master HIPAA, and can competently guide you on the most complex technical requirements.

You are well advised to regard the HIPAA Compliance Regulations for Georgia seriously, and partner with us to fully strengthening your posture against cyber criminals hack and steal data. This is your golden opportunity to benefit from our extensive resources for your data protection and other important services, focusing on technology, people, environment, and processes, across 7 security domains; Management and Policy, Access Control, Authentication, Awareness, Content Security, Threat Management, and Encryption, using 43 threat agents, representing internal/external events, that may disrupt your activities.

A supplemental Act, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act supports the enforcement of HIPAA Compliance Regulations in Georgia; it raises the penalties of health entities which violate HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. The HITECH Act, a response to health technology development and increased use, storage and transmittal of electronic health info, warrants attention. Partner with us; get more details!

If you would like more information regarding HIPAA Compliance Regulations, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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