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What Is a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement?

There is absolutely no doubt that HIPAA Business Associate Agreement in Georgia should be a priority; it is part of the tool box for protecting PHI, and ultimately the privacy of the individual. Another important element is comprehensive, accurate, Risk Assessment, on an on-going basis. These priorities should be in the corporate radar and culture of compliance of every health entity and organization. In their absence, danger follows quickly, as the result is poor compliance or non-compliance, and possibly, the imposition of fines.

In cases where there are no HIPAA Business Associate Agreements at Georgia health entities, and no risk analysis, there is generally a broad pattern of non-compliance with HIPAA Rules. Laws enforce compliance with HIPAA. To ignore BAA is to be heading in a dangerous direction. The HIPAA experts at InfoSight Inc. will quickly put you on track with HIPAA Rules and Regulations. Our dedicated InfoSight Inc. Team will sharpen your policies, procedures, and training programs, identify trouble spots, and will present an outline of the most practical solutions, specific to you.

Confidently partner with InfoSight Inc.; we will show you why you must implementing HIPAA Business Associate Agreement in Georgia with Vendors, and we will move you smoothly down the compliance continuum, toward the full compliance destination. The Business Associate Agreement in Georgia is strengthened by the HIPAA Security Rule, which expands the Privacy Rule, addressing the safeguarding of PHI in electronic format, and so protecting it from unauthorized use. You can be penalized for not having a BAA in Georgia.

A HIPAA Business Associate Agreement Georgia is a promise from the Business Associate, to safeguard data in the same ways you, as a covered entity, are required to do. Another important injunction is the assurance that the Associate will track “security incidents,” and provide audit trails, as necessary, to show movement and details of patient data. The need for audit trails is a lesser-known aspect of the HIPAA Security Rule, and is overlooked, due to the assumption that encryption is sufficient; but, in reality, it is not!

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