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What Is a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement?

Business Associate Agreements or BAA in Georgia applies to all covered entities, but also extends medical privacy standards to health care businesses that are not directly subject to HIPAA, and to their sub-contractors too. Let our experts at InfoSight Inc. guide you on navigating the HIPAA maze, and explain to you how you can show visible, demonstrable HIPAA compliance, and promote integrity and accountability. BAA must be signed by handlers of personally-identifying client info (PHI), those processing claims for hospitals, health care insurers, health care clearing houses subject to HIPAA.

InfoSight Inc. has assisted numerous clients by introducing them to active, integrated, fully functional HIPAA compliance programs, and also drawing their attention to the importance of BAA in Georgia, and various risk factors which are real, significant, and growing rapidly. There is absolutely no doubt as to the importance of protecting patient data from unauthorized use and disclosure. The challenges facing HIPAA Compliance are many; BAA in Georgia issues are among them. We are ready to help you, here at InfoSight Inc.

Failure to accept the role and significance of BAA in Georgia, across the health sector could lead to many dangers. So too can a lack of understanding of the HIPAA Audit Protocol, the HIPAA Omnibus Rule, and the need for a thorough Risk Assessment by all health organizations and entities, as a regular part of business. Do you hire any companies, or professionals, to perform services, wherein they have access to the personally-identifying information (PHI) of your clients? If so, you must make BAA in Georgia a top priority, and have your Vendors sign them.

If you would like more information regarding BAA and HIPAA, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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