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Managed IPS in Florida is essential with the plethora of risks, viruses, and vulnerabilities out there, and security administrators need to constantly prepare for and mitigate these risks associated with the ever-changing, ever-evolving risk-filled technological environment.

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are invaluable tools and are becoming more necessary in any and all environments rather than optional services. Even with today's firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and other network protection that are implemented, hosts are still vulnerable to myriad attacks by these proficient hackers through all the different vectors.

How do you handle the window of time from when a threat is announced to when it is being exploited?

Managed IPS in Florida Checklist: (Please ask yourself the following questions, and then give us a call to provide you with the assistance you need!)

  • How effectively are you protected from unknown zero-day attacks?/Are you protected at all?
  • Do you waste valuable and "would be" productive time managing multiple security
  • Are you protected from mobile user threats and breaches?
To mitigate risks and thereby reduce threats, Information Security needs to be based on a layering effect of technologies which provide you with an umbrella of protection. The introduction of Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) offers one more much-needed layer.

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) protect hosts from the network layers all the way up to the application layer, against known and unknown malicious attacks.

Although IPS are actually the next generation IDS, there will always be a need to keep these technologies separate in order to allow depth in overall protection; thus, firewalls will need IDS, and the network will need IPS. Each technology is bound to each other with dependencies that will not disappear.

Any single technology represents a singular point of failure and results in too much risk. Employing the different technologies in concert brings risk exposure to threats down to acceptable levels. In addition, combining multiple host protection technologies into a single host protection solution significantly reduces management costs. When developing a host protection strategy, only a comprehensive solution will keep you ahead of the next threat.

Targeted attacks require a more granular approach to applying security controls. Let us show you ways to survive when your organization becomes a cybercriminal's next target.

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