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What Is a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement?

HIPAA defines BAA, Business Associate Agreement in Florida/U.S. health sector, as a document which must be signed with the hospital or health plan, by handlers of personally-identifying client info (PHI), and anyone processing claims for hospitals/health care insurers/health care clearing houses, who are subject to HIPAA privacy regulations. Providers of online data backup services, can also be included as Business Associates, and within certain contexts, others too, such as attorneys, accountants, consultants, pharmacists, medical transcriptionists.

The Business Associate Agreement in Florida, extends medical privacy standards to health care businesses, which are not directly subject to HIPAA. The law requires organizations to obtain satisfactory assurances, that the Business Associate agrees to comply with privacy rules, and will apply appropriate safeguards, and will protect patient data from unauthorized use, and disclosure. HIPAA covers Privacy and Security rules, which define regulations. There are guidelines for entities/individuals who use, or disclose protected health info (PHI).

The efficacy of the Business Associate Agreement in Florida, is strengthened by the HIPAA Security Rule, which expands the Privacy Rule, addressing the safeguarding of PHI in electronic format, to protect it from distribution to unauthorized recipients. Encryption software to protect emails, and email disclaimers with electronic messages, are playing a big role. HIPAA covers entities/organizations/health care providers, who meet criteria. They are responsible for protecting client confidentiality, while acting as clearing houses, and must sign a BAA Florida. You can be penalized for not having a BAA in Florida.

Security consulting firms that perform HIPAA security risk analyses say that clinicians frequently overlook the need for a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement in Florida. Do you hire companies/professionals to perform services, wherein they have access to your clients’ personally-identifying information? If so, consider a BAA with vendors, if you don’t have one.

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