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Increasingly, banking and financial institutions are talking more about banking DDoS in Chicago attacks. These attacks, which started back in 2012, are coming in waves and your business needs to protect itself.

There have been reports of banking DDoS in Chicago attacks, that have affected businesses' consumer on line services and caused actual unauthorized money withdrawals. Many businesses are finally admitting that banking DDoS is an emerging and ongoing threat. For the larger businesses, they have been able to secure their systems and data with higher more efficient security management.

Our Banking DDos Chicago methodology includes:

  • Gathering information about the target before the test (reconnaissance)
  • Identifying all possible entry points, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses
  • Attempting an exploit to gain entry
  • Reporting back findings and providing detailed instructions for remediation

Unfortunately, the cybercriminals creating these banking DDoS in Chicago attacks are now targeting smaller to medium size businesses which are either holding on to their old defense methods, or do not have the funds to update their security systems. In this advanced technological age, your business should not leave anything to chance.

Each organization has unique business functions, which require appropriate security measures to be in place, to not only protect their organization from ACH fraud, but to comply with industry standards, ever-changing federal regulations, and state privacy laws.

Here are some questions to ask to determine how vulnerable your network may be:

  • How long ago was my last vulnerability test?
  • How many changes and or upgrades has my network had since my last vulnerability test?
  • Do the counter measures I have in place to prevent an intrusion actually work?
  • What security layers should I implement next to best protect my company's assets?
  • Do I know where confidential and sensitive data is located on my network enterprise wide?
  • How do I know if my IT Security reports are accurate?

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