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Customer Security Awareness for Banking is mastered by our experts here at InfoSight. Kindly schedule a meeting to discuss your needs. Clearly, as a Bank, you ought to be educating and training your customers on how to use the internet properly, and how to be vigilant while doing online banking and transactions. The increasingly sophisticated attacks on banks make this type of training urgent.

Customer Security Awareness for Banking and IT Training are not options; they must be implemented. Federal mandates are also becoming strict and require visible demonstrable evidence of compliance with data protection laws. Up-to-date anti-virus software, well maintained spy-ware protection, and the installation of firewalls on networks are productive, but will not replace education and training for customers and employees.

Our Customer Security Awareness for Banking methodology includes:

  • Gathering information about the target before the test (reconnaissance)
  • Identifying all possible entry points, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses
  • Attempting an exploit to gain entry
  • Reporting back findings and providing detailed instructions for remediation

InfoSight stands ready to assist you with all aspects of security of your systems, and with the implementation of Customer Security Awareness for Banking. The increase in the complicated types of attack tools being developed and deployed by fraudsters include automated downloadable kits. Banks must therefore respond across the board and that means customers and staff must be trained to be more vigilant and savvy.

InfoSight's Customer Security Awareness Modules for Banking can be easily accessed through a variety of means, including an online portal. Our material is very user-friendly and scalable for various audience sizes and locations. We can customize special packages to meet your specific needs and expectations. InfoSight offers proven affordable solutions

Here are some questions to ask to determine how vulnerable your network may be:

  • How long ago was my last vulnerability test?
  • How many changes and or upgrades has my network had since my last vulnerability test?
  • Do the counter measures I have in place to prevent an intrusion actually work?
  • What security layers should I implement next to best protect my company's assets?
  • Do I know where confidential and sensitive data is located on my network enterprise wide?
  • How do I know if my IT Security reports are accurate?

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Customer Security Awareness for Banking