Social Engineering Test Atlanta

Social Engineering Test Atlanta Assessment & Physical Security Testing

Social Engineering Test in Atlanta Services are only small pieces of the large puzzle that makes up proper and effective system security and protection. These tests, along with the use of our other services, will strengthen your systems' security and help protect your data, especially if tests are conducted on a regular basis. Nowadays it is essential that you ensure that your systems are protected with the maximum security measures in place.

Today's hackers only continue to become more knowledgeable and tremendously skilled, and they more easily obtain the resources to penetrate and breach systems, leading to thefts and other devastations. They will lie convincingly and successfully, cheat, and steal, and do anything they can to break right through your organization's security controls, and an interesting fact is that many of these breaches occur from inside your offices by unaware and unprepared employees!

Social Engineering Test in Atlanta is a service InfoSight provides that will secure your information. With the Internet being such an enabler for breaches, email in particular, cybercriminals may easily gain access directly to your data, so your best line of defense is quite simply: knowledge, awareness, vigilance, and preparation.

Surprisingly, employees often are the causes of these breaches, unknowingly opening and spreading viruses, so you also must ensure that you and your staff possesses the appropriate knowledge and skills to accurately identify, elude, take the necessary precautions, and properly respond to these threats and risks, and we offer trainings and other programs along with the multitude of our other vital services, so call us today for the best security and protection available!

InfoSight's Social Engineering and Physical Security Assessment is a comprehensive set of security tests designed to establish the current state of security awareness among the organization's personnel.

The security tests performed during the Social Engineering and Physical Security Test may include the following types of tests:
    • Telephone impersonation
    • Email phishing
    • Trojan and virus testing
    • Onsite impersonation
    • Website subversion
    • Camera placement testing
    • Key control testing
    • Clean desktop testing
    • Suspicious activity testing
    • Physical penetration testing
    • Dumpster diving and shred testing

Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our security experts, or register for one of our webinars directly to learn all you need to know about the latest scams, why Social Engineering is so effective and essential, and what steps you or your employees should take to prevent "being breached."

Ask us how to get training for your staff on Social Engineering and other information security topics within our security awareness training arsenal.

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