Customer Security Awareness Education for Credit Unions Alabama

Our comprehensive Cyber Security Awareness Program™ (CSAP™) educates your retail and commercial eBanking customers about phishing, malware, ACH and wire fraud, and more.

Benefit from a strategic partner who will help you create, implement and manage your eBanking Customer Security Awareness Program.

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CSAP benefits:

  • Protect eBanking customers from becoming victims of corporate account takeover, Wire/ACH fraud, and other online threats.
  • Demonstrate to regulators and clients that you are meeting security awareness initiatives which are now mandatory as part of your eBanking/MFA requirements.
  • Reduce liability and risk of litigation by offering free security education to your commercial client base.
  • Create cross-sales and new-sales opportunities by conducting security workshops.
  • Drive new product adoption such as mobile and/or cash management services.
  • Create new recurring revenue by selling products such as cybercrime insurance.
  • Onboarding of new prospective relationships with larger commercial clients by selectively inviting prospects.
  • Integrate with existing social media initiatives and/or assist in future efforts.
  • Instill confidence in your customers that doing business with your financial institution electronically is safe.

With the popularity of eCommerce and eBanking, InfoSight advises Credit Unions to view Customer Security Awareness Education for Credit Unions in Alabama as a top priority. Rates are fair and reasonable. Both retail and commercial customers who participated in such programs, viewed them as necessary and are now more vigilant.

Customers who participated in InfoSight's Customer Security Awareness Education for Credit Unions in Alabama, now know how to protect against ID theft, electronic fraud, phishing, spyware and malware, and their Credit Unions have preserved a good reputation, consequently, and minimized vulnerability to cyber attacks, while at the same time, demonstrating compliance, in accordance with Federal mandates.

InfoSight's banking experts are prepared with extensive modern resources and valuable, practical ideas, to help you to preserve your good image, and the confidentiality of data. Does one ever know when one will become a cybercrime victim? No! By giving high priority to education and to Customer Security Awareness Education for Credit Unions in Alabama, vulnerability as an active Credit Union, accountable to others, will be possibly reduced.

The Internet, as the worst crime scene ever, is witnessing a rise in malicious action aimed at the compromising of security, and the gaining of unauthorized access to on-line accounts and taking over accounts. Customer Security Awareness Education for Credit Unions in Alabama and technology training, must be implemented with greatest urgency.

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