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What You Need To Know

Penetration Testing for Portland companies protects the security of the company's essential infrastructure. Pen testing enables organizations to determine how strong or weak their cyber security is and whether there are any potential risks and how to shore up any holes before hackers exploit them proactively. At InfoSight, we understand that cyber security is a moving target, and so the security systems have to be re-mediated and retested as and when possible. It is also essential to take proactive measures as and when the test is completed.

With InfoSight's Penetration Testing in Portland we use simulated real-world hacker techniques to identify the company's security vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses. We also suggest the perfect security measure to prevent cyber attacks. Our main objective is to identify the shortcomings of the security system and, if exposed to threats or attacked by a cybercriminal, what destruction will the company face. Pen testing acts as security compliance and policy. Our aim has always been to help businesses to achieve an overall strong security posture.

Service Description

Companies look for Penetration Testing in Portland when they are affected by serious security attacks. Pen testing takes place in two significant steps. We first scan for the vulnerabilities in the security systems, and in the second step, we manually attempt to exploit those vulnerabilities. The pen testing process includes collecting information about the target, identifying possible threats, and proving attack paths. Once the test is completed, we prepare a report based on the hazards, exploits and then suggest the steps to remediate the threats.

At InfoSight, our Penetration Testing in Portland is designed to find the security gaps and weaknesses in a company's security policies, compliances, employees’ communication, network systems and much more. Companies that already have robust security measures in practice can also seek penetration testing services to check the reliability of those systems against real-time simulated attacks. In addition, pen testing identifies and re-mediates the attacks made by bad actors or sometimes the company's employees.

Key Differentiators

With 22 years of experience and certifications in CEH, CISSP, CHFI, CISA, CGEIT, and more, we specialize in Security, Compliance and Risk Management. We deliver analyst prepared reports, NOT stock canned output from scan tools.

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  • Flexible pricing models that can be 24x7, 8x5, OR off-peak 7pm to 7am only coverage
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