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What You Need To Know

Penetration Testing for Illinois clients provided by InfoSight is not only reliable, but it will also provide you with the level of protection that your network needs. Penetration testing is very important because it is needed in order for security to grow from a collection of disparate technologies, policies, and practices. These will then combine to form a highly-effective business process. The banking, healthcare, and public utilities sectors use different systems with various functionalities.

Penetration Testing for Illinois organizations involve exposing security issues by creating real-world attacks that will identify security weaknesses. Our security experts will design an effective cybersecurity plan that will protect your organization from cyber attacks. With a successful cybersecurity plan in place, your network, system, and data will be better protected against threats. You will not regret choosing InfoSight to test your network's security.

Service Description

Penetration Testing in Illinois provided by InfoSight is goal-oriented and offers clients an excellent vulnerability assessment, with an in-depth examination of your organization's security posture. Our security experts will look for IT vulnerabilities and threats that are present in your network, and will test to see how far a potential threat can be exploited before it compromises your network. Our security experts will also test your employee security awareness training program to make certain that it is highly-effective. We will test your organization's security policy compliance, as well as your organization's ability to locate and respond to threats in an effective manner.

Penetration testing for Illinois organizations entails evaluating your computer network, the software, databases, and web applications to determine its vulnerabilities followed by an attempt to exploit them before a cybercriminal can. Penetration testing is very important and is required for PCI-DSS and FFIEC compliance. It is a successful test because it locates security weaknesses and tests how far the vulnerabilities can be exploited before your network is compromised. With InfoSight your network will be better protected against cybercriminals.

Key Differentiators

With 22 years of experience and certifications in CEH, CISSP, CHFI, CISA, CGEIT, and more, we specialize in Security, Compliance and Risk Management. We deliver analyst prepared reports, NOT stock canned output from scan tools.

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  • SOC 2 Certified
  • Complete MSSP Services that include Monitoring, Real-Time Threat Analysis, Mitigation/Remediation, Alerting, Reporting and Device Management
  • Flexible pricing models that can be 24x7, 8x5, OR off-peak 7pm to 7am only coverage
  • MSP & MSSP Solutions for both IT & OT ICS environments
  • 25+ years Regulatory Compliance experience (GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, NERC, AWIA, etc.)
  • Certified Experts (CISSP, CISA, CEH, OSCP, AWS, AWWA, etc.)
  • Managed Services for On-premise Data center, Cloud and Hybrid environments
  • Offering comprehensive cybersecurity Awareness Training Solutions
  • Virtual ISO Programs that bridge the communication gap between IT and OT networks