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Regulatory entities require that organizations adhere to certain guidelines and frameworks because attackers are always on the prowl looking for the weak link that will let them in. In addition, many organizations that are not regulated may have chosen to follow a framework, but don't know how well they adhere to that framework.

The Challenge

How does an organization determine if they are complying with the framework they choose to follow or are required to follow? Most just go with having internal staff making that determination and end up suffering the consequences of a bad audit, or even worse, a cyber incident or breach. Some entities struggle with using the same assessment provider for several years and are not getting real and fresh results. How do you really know that you are in compliance with your own company's policies and controls?

How We Solve It

InfoSight has trained staff with years of experience in assessing organizations against a myriad of regulatory requirements and frameworks, from GLBA and FFIEC requirements, to NIST CSF, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA, to name a few. Our experienced assessors will work with your team to gather evidentiary items to assess your compliance with your chosen framework, then provide you with real documentation and recommendations that can be used to enhance your compliance and cyber security posture.

The Outcome

We provide you with a detailed roadmap showing where you are and where you should be as it relates to compliance with your framework. In addition, we provide a detailed plan of actions and milestones for you to use on your journey to enhance your existing compliance. You will be able to show management, your Board, Shareholders, auditors, and anyone else you choose, that you are adhering to your framework thereby having an enhanced cybersecurity posture.

Key Benefits

Reduce the risk of a successful attack before it occurs

Identify security issues beyond the capability of automated tools & assessments/tests

Go beyond typical penetration testing and target mission critical applications and operations

Prioritize your risk and quickly take the right remedial and preventative measures

Why InfoSight?

24x7x365 US-based SOC/NOC

25+ years Regulatory Compliance experience (GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, NERC, AWIA, etc.)

SOC 2 Certified

Offering comprehensive cybersecurity Awareness Training Solutions

Managed Services for On-premise Data center, Cloud and Hybrid environments

Flexible pricing models that can be 24x7, 8x5, OR off-peak 7pm to 7am only coverage

MSP & MSSP Solutions for both IT & OT ICS environments

Certified Experts (CISSP, CISA, CEH, OSCP, AWS, AWWA, etc.)

Virtual ISO Programs that bridge the communication gap between IT and OT networks

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