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We have Electrified Solutions!

Our experience within the Electrical Energy Industry allows us to understand critical infrastructure and its regulatory requirements. Whether you're a Coop, G&T or Regional Electric Energy Provider we have the knowledge to assist with Cybersecurity, Risk Management and Managed Services Solutions. We provide solutions for both your OT & IT networks with the goal of making them Cyber Resilient to attacks from bad actors.

  • We help Elec Coops & Power Generators drive sales growth by seizing the new appetite for power opportunity being driven by generative AI. By combining 24x7 IT + OT/ICS operational security to reduce redundant costs, we improve compliance posture and enrich cyber hygiene, allowing the organization to focus resources on business expansion.

  • We also help by offering Group Purchasing Contracts which can deliver savings of up to 40% on Vulnerability Assessment/ Pen Testing, SCADA/ICS Risk Assessment and Cyber Controls Gap Assessments, as well as 24x7 MDR and Threat Monitoring for IT and OT environments.

  • Additionally, we reduce risk by establishing a robust Vulnerability Management and Self-Assessment Program with our Mitigator Vulnerability & Threat Management Platform. We future reduce risk for resource-limited organization by we providing Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS).

  • Finally, with our unique "Elec Coop Vulnerability Risk Benchmark" Report which compares Coop’s Security Posture to your peers, you can leverage industry leading KRIs that can be put into practice.

We Provide

SCADA & ICS Vulnerability Asessments

Disaster Recovery Planning

Social Engineering

Security Compliances, Policy & Procedure Updates

Industrial Control & IoT Services Security Compliances

Risk Management

24x7x365 Managed Security Services & SEIM

Employee Security Awareness Training

Bringing the Future into Focus!