Security Awareness Training for Your Employees

Shake-up cyber security awareness training in your organization, and empower your employees with the knowledge they need!


InfoSight Inc. solves the laborious problem of employee security awareness training and ensures employees are well-equipped to defend against cyber-attacks. We help you build security awareness with three unique offerings: CSAP™, LearnCloud™ LMS platform, and specialized courseware.

Cyber Security Awareness Program (CSAP)™

A unique online repository of assistive learning materials including information security awareness articles, videos, posters, newsletters, email campaigns and more.


LearnCloud™ LMS

A web-based Learning Management System (LMS) which allows you to build employee knowledge and reduce the cost of delivering, tracking and reporting on training requirements. The LMS also facilitates policy acknowledgement and compliance reporting. It’s available 24x7 and is completely-customizable with your branding and content.



Allows you to effectively prepare employees to defend against the latest social engineering, phishing, web-based attacks, and more. Additional courses educate staff on compliance-related topics such as ACH/wire transfers, PCI DSS and vendor management.


What your employees don’t know can cost your business.

If your staff can’t recognize a scam, they can’t take the right actions. Wrong actions lead to breaches and fraud. Employees, all the way up to senior management, remain a significant vulnerability within every organization. Cyber security awareness training can help your staff circumvent a security incident and save your organization thousands of dollars in related costs and fines.

Our cyber security awareness training options provide flexible content that can easily be mixed and matched. We’ll help you customize a program to meet the needs of your organization. It’s never been easier to provide cyber security awareness training for your employees. Contact us to speak with a security awareness program expert.


Corporate Account Takeover
Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams
The Cybercrime Black Market: How it Works
Cyber Security Awareness Training Social Media Posts
Social Media Posts
Security Awareness Newsletter
Cyber Security Awareness Workshop


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