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InfoSight’s Website Gets a Clean, Responsive Facelift

InfoSight’s new‐and‐improved website provides visitors with an educational and engaging experience. As a result of a responsively‐designed layout, content can easily be viewed from any device. MIAMI, FL (July 2015) InfoSight Inc. – InfoSight, Inc., provider of cyber security, risk management, and IT infrastructure solutions, announced the launch of a new‐and‐improved website with a cleaner, more engaging layout.   It’s now more enjoyable to learn about the Company’s offerings, with an easy‐to‐read format of bulleted content, larger font, and short, informative [...]

By | July 15th, 2015
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An Introduction: Pharming Attacks

By: Ahmed Mohamed Internet usage is growing dramatically, but the vast majority of Internet users don’t have security backgrounds. Nor do a large majority of companies care about information security and the possible severity of any attack that could harm valuable company assets. They don’t give their employees security awareness sessions, either. For these reasons, humans are the weakest link in the information security chain. On the other hand, most information security pen-testers focus only on the client and server [...]

By | August 19th, 2013
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What’s a Security Awareness Program and why do I need one?

What’s this Security Awareness Program you speak of? In case you didn’t know, a security awareness program is a crucial piece of the newest multi-factor authentication (MFA) guidance that was put in place January of 2012. So if you’re a financial institution looking for a good example of why you should have a security awareness program, or you’re just trying to figure out what people are talking about pertaining security awareness, this is where you’re going to find it. Security [...]

How Many Vulnerabilities Does Your POS System Have? [Infographic]

The potential for damaging data breaches lurks in nearly every corner for SMBs. By Ricky Ribeiro "Too many small and medium-sized businesses overlook the potential IT security booby-traps that exist in their physical and virtual environments. By ignoring these security loopholes, businesses risk suffering devastating malware disasters. Exactly how big is the SMB security issue? According to estimates by Visa, 95% of the data breaches in 2011 were from its small business customers. A new infographic from takes a [...]

By | May 22nd, 2013
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Automating Banking Fraud: How It Works

Mobile Phishing

Mobile Phishing By: Pierluigi Paganini Emails are considerable as a primary vector for cyber-attacks against mobile devices, principal security firms revealed that phishing activities in the last few years have increased exponentially, targeting every sector from industry to government agencies. RSA’s October Online Fraud Report 2012 described an impressive increase in phishing attacks, up 19% over the second half of 2011. The total loss for various organizations sums up to $2.1 billion over the last 18 months; these are extraordinary figures that [...]