External Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

For more detailed information on external penetration testing, InfoSight will thoroughly answer these questions and any others for you, and will identify exactly where your systems are vulnerable. We will also test the impact and risks associated with these vulnerabilities, and help devise possible solutions.

Some questions you may have for us before we begin may include:

  • How easy is it for a hacker to externally penetrate my network and technology?
  • What are the safe and effective measures, precautions, and programs that can be trusted to best protect our assets?
  • Exactly which portals are vulnerable and what information and data is at risk?

Our External Penetration Testing testing activities will reveal how effective your organization's security polices and precautions actually are in protecting your assets and information. We will also identify the extent to which your system can be compromised before an actual attack.

External Penetration Testing can:
    1. Present opportunity for improvement if vulnerabilities are spotted
    2. Find a possible point of entry for attack
    3. Prevent the attack before it’s even begun.

External Penetration Testing includes:
    § Router filtering
    § Firewall filtering
    § Visible IP services
    § Operating system software flaws
    § Server application software flaws
    § Known configuration errors
    § Information disclosure that may aid an attacker
    § Web server misconfigurations
    § Subnet scanning / host enumeration
    § Publically available information gathering

Every network that faces the Internet will be attacked at some point. Cyber-criminals are always looking for an easy target. An attack is inevitable. The question is, “Will you be ready? Or will you be defenseless?” Without regular network testing (such as External Penetration Testing) you may never know when or where an attack may originate and have no way of stopping it once it’s begun.

The best way to prevent cyber-attacks on your network is to have a security expert perform External Penetration Testing for you. InfoSight has been in the information security business for more than 15 years and has extensive experience with External Penetration Testing for financial institutions and other federally-regulated organizations. Our security experts conduct real-world attacks to determine your security weaknesses. We will provide you with a detailed report of your network’s vulnerabilities including a roadmap to remediation. We can even assist in the remediation itself.

If you would like more information regarding External Penetration Testing, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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