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InfoSight's Penetration Testing Services

InfoSight's responsibilities regarding your company's Network Penetration in Florida security issues will involve a series of precise steps. We will thoroughly answer all of your questions and we will perform tests and analyses to identify exactly where your systems are vulnerable and the impacts and risks associated with these vulnerabilities.

Our Network Penetration in Florida testing services will determine just how effective your organization's security policies and preventative measures actually are in protecting your assets and information. We will also identify the extent to which your system can possibly be compromised before an actual attack occurs. Our goal is to determine the efficiency and success of your current security measures.

Our penetration testing methodology includes:

  • Gathering information about the target before the test (reconnaissance)
  • Identifying all possible entry points, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses
  • Attempting an exploit to gain entry
  • Reporting back findings and providing detailed instructions for remediation

Knowing that a network penetration isn’t a simple task, it brings the question: why would someone try to penetrate my network. Well there are multiple reasons to penetrate a network. 1) if your network contains sensitive financial information (Credit card numbers, SSNs, Bank account numbers, Etc.) your network is a valuable target. 2) If you have a sizable network, the hacker may gain access to your network only to use it as a means to attack another unsuspecting victim with your hardware. 3) The disgruntled hacker may penetrate your network simply to prove a point.

InfoSight has an array of solutions that can assist your institution in the development of a soundly secured network, training your employees on how to avoid activities that increase the risk of a breach or what to do in case of a breach and finally testing your network for vulnerabilities or ethically hacking your network to assess your margin of risk. It is imperative that you take action to protect yourself and your valuable information, and sometimes the only way to prevent a hacker from penetrating your network is to penetrate the network yourself in order to determine to what lengths you need to go to ensure the security of your network.

Here are some questions to ask to determine how vulnerable your network may be:

  • How long ago was my last vulnerability test?
  • How many changes and or upgrades has my network had since my last vulnerability test?
  • Do the counter measures I have in place to prevent an intrusion actually work?
  • What security layers should I implement next to best protect my company's assets?
  • Do I know where confidential and sensitive data is located on my network enterprise wide?
  • How do I know if my IT Security reports are accurate?

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Network Penetration Florida